Out now! Barbarian Prophecies "Horizon"

  • 04/11/2021
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Out now! Barbarian Prophecies "Horizon"

Spanish band Barbarian Prophecies released their new album " Horizon" in physical format (CD and LP) yesterday. The album will contain 10 songs of which 3 will only be available in digital and in the CD edition. The album will be out in physical format in November 1st under the labels base record production, Hecatombe records, Violence In the Veins and Iron Matron Records on CD and Vinyl. The digital edition will be available in August 16th. "Horizon" is a conceptual album about the mysteries of man, the origin of the universe and the existence of life in it. The music contains a lot of experimental parts and a mix of diverse styles including passages supported by Synths, but with classic death metal sound.

Alicia (Bass & Vocals)
Arnt (Guitars & Synths)
Diego (Drums)
Óscar (Guitars & Backing Vocals)

Horizon was recorded, mixed and mastered at Kollapse Studio by Iván Ferro during the winter of 2020/2021.

FFO Dissection, Kataklysm, At the gates, Phlebotomized, Morbid Angel, Gojira and Obscura.


1- Alpha
2 - Among us
3 - Phi
4 - Supreme vampire
5 - Morte negra
6 - Horizon
7 - The Sign
8 - Psi
9 - Übermensch
10 - Omega


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